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  • The booked time starts after the shower. I receive you discreetly and privately. Discretion is also required on your part.

  • The prices are not negotiable.

  • I do not send photos or videos

  • Make appointments in good time and keep them. Advise at least 1 hour in advance.

  • Safety and health always have 1st priority - no BBS requests.

Privacy at Oasis of the Senses

Your data is safe here

I am the section for your privacy policy. Here you can inform your customers about how you use and store data and protect your customers' personal data. Add details e.g. B. how to use third-party banking to verify payment or store customer details after their purchase has been completed.

The privacy of your customers is essential for your company. Therefore, take the time to explain your privacy policy accurately and in detail. Use understandable formulations so that customer trust is strengthened and your customers will buy from you again and again!

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